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A Safe Place to Heal 

Do you or someone you love, feel as though anxiety, and depression have taken over life? Often times painful experiences from childhood and trauma can block us from feeling connected in our relationships and from being true to ourselves and what we want for our lives. Are you in need of some relief? Do you feel its TIME to stop putting your life on hold? Hi, my name is Sheryl, I want you to know...I GET IT.  Things DON'T NEED TO STAY THIS WAY. I want you to know I am here for you to listen empathically, as well as to offer you the tools to help you reclaim your step at a time. I am an experienced licensed marriage & family therapist. I have been working with individuals & families for nearly a decade. Witnessing clients gain a sense of empowerment over their anxiety, depression & trauma is the greatest honor I have had working in the mental health field.  I would be so honored to walk alongside you or a loved one, on the journey to personal growth & healing. 

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Counseling for Women Survivors of Trauma

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Trauma Therapy

Your story CAN CHANGE. Past trauma doesn't need to define you & your life. I specialize in helping women as well as teen survivors of trauma gain a sense of empowerment over anxiety and depression. I have an extensive background working with issues such as relational trauma, childhood adverse experiences, sexual abuse, and sexual assault.  I also have experience helping individuals work through traumatic grief or sudden unexpected loss of a loved one. My trauma informed approach is tailored specifically for you, collaborative & feedback based. Within the safety of our therapeutic relationship, I am here to listen & support you in processing thoughts & feelings at your own pace. Sessions will also consist of learning practical tools incorporating mind & body relaxation skills, & experiential exercises to gain insight, new perspectives & personal empowerment. I invite you to take the next step in your journey of healing, you are WORTH it! 

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Individual Therapy for Trauma, Anxiety & Depression

It takes courage & a healthy desire to seek support when it feels as though life has become unmanageable or when life takes an unexpected turn. It is so important to have someone non-judgemental you can trust with your deepest problems that can authentically listen. Individual therapy can be a life altering experience in which new possibilities and awareness are discovered. Therapy can cause us to encounter uncomfortable feelings, as well as offering breakthroughs of change, positive feelings, and new experiences we may not have realized were possible. I LOVE THOSE MOMENTS with my clients. They are PRICELESS... I want to help you work through the tough aspects of your life, and also celebrate your strengths, abilities, and personal growth along the way!  

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Art Therapy 

I am also a Registered Art Therapist with the American Art Therapy Association..I  offer ART THERAPY as an optional approach for adults, teens & children. One need not be a particular age or have any art skills to experience the many benefits of ART THERAPY. Some of the potential benefits include; expressing what words cannot capture, feeling of increased safety, gaining new insights & perspectives, learning coping skills, developing confidence, developing social skills & personal boundaries, & improving relational attachment bonds.

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Child & Family Therapy

As a concerned parent, Is the child or teen you once knew, acting out in anger, anxiety or sadness, which then results in you feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from them? Perhaps you are at wits end....tired of the just want to have some peace of mind and a more positive connection with your loved one. Afterall, this ISN'T how it is SUPPOSED to be. I want you to know, I am HERE to help. It DOESN'T have to stay this way. I have been working with parents, children & teens for over a decade. I custom tailor my approach for each unique parent-child relationship, welcoming collaboration & regular feedback for the best possible results. My approach to family therapy involves combining concepts and tools from Family Systems theory, Parenting styles & skills, Attachment theory, and my extensive background in Child & Adolescent Development & Psychology. Sessions will begin with a complete assessment, a combination of talk therapy, experiential exercises, communication skills, art therapy with an emphasis in attachment bonding, positive parenting skills & learning about the brain developmental stage of your child or teen. There is nothing more satisfying in my work with families than witnessing the positive behavior replace the emotional outbursts & witnessing the parent-child/teen bond improve.
I am honored to take that first step with you or your loved one today. 

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My Approach to Individual Therapy 

My approach to therapy is MORE than just talk therapy. I strongly believe that people learn and grow through NEW EXPERIENCES that can occur IN THERAPY so that it becomes more "Do-able" to bring your new experiences & practiced tools into your daily life. I help engage the mind, body, and the strengths and beliefs of each unique individual. For this reason, I collaborate with you to form a customized plan, utilizing aspects of a variety of theories such as Strength-Based approach, Humanistic (listening, reflecting & meaning making), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (developing new perspectives), somatic, (trauma informed) (mind/body) approach, learning grounding tools to increase calm & centeredness & being in the "here and now". As an additional option, I also support clients in exploring parts of self, such as inner child work & developing nurturance & SELF COMPASSION to the many parts of self. This may include options for expressive arts or non-creative exercises, whichever you are more comfortable with.  I offer Christian-based Counseling & Art Therapy upon request.  I would be so HAPPY to support you in getting started on your JOURNEY towards the life you DESERVE. 

Still have questions? Contact me today.

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I look forward to meeting you. Together, we can embark on a journey towards a better quality life which awaits you. I am honored to take that first step with you. 

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